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Cátedra Santander-UA de Transformación Digital


Cátedra Santander-UA de Transformación Digital announces the annual awards for the best works in the field of digital transformation. The prize will be open to final undergraduate works (TFG), master's works (TFM) or doctoral theses from the University of Alicante, developed and defended within the deadline established in the call for applications. The main objective of these awards is the promotion and dissemination of teaching and research activity on digital transformation.


Submitted candidatures

    Accepted candidates:
  • Case 2020IGE025529
  • Case 2020IGE024706
  • Case 2020IGE026701
  • Case 2020IGE027137
  • Case 2020IGE027279
  • Case 2020IGE029570
  • Case 2020IGE031456
  • Case 2020IGE032408
  • Case 2020IGE032541
  • Case 2020IGE032738
  • Case 2020IGE032830
  • Case 2020IGE033278
  • Case 2020IGE035173
  • Case 2020IGE031207



Call 2020


According to the call for awards for degree projects, master projects and doctoral theses of the Santander-UA Chair of Digital Transformation at the University of Alicante (BOUA of February 27, 2020), the deadline for submitting applications is one month from the day after publication, in this case March 28, 2020. In accordance with the third additional provision of RD 463/2020, of 14 March, which declares the state of alert for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19, terms are suspended and the deadlines for processing the procedures of public sector entities are interrupted. For this reason, the calculation of the deadline for the submission of applications to participate in the awards will be resumed at the time when this royal decree or, where appropriate, extensions to it become invalid.

Resumption of administrative procedures 1 June 2020


Deadline for sumbission of applications (after the dam of the administrative procedures): expired

Terms: (BOUA 27/02/2020 )

Template with the information to be provided (rtf) (pdf)

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