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Awards ceremony:

On Thursday 13 June, in the Multimedia Room of the Rectorate building of the University of Alicante campus, the TFG and TFM Awards of the Santander-UA Chair of Digital Transformation will be presented within the Conference on Digital Transformation , from 11:30 to 13:30 h. 



On 28 May, the following panel of judges met in accordance with the terms of the Call for Applications for undergraduate works (TFG) and master's works (TFM) from Cátedra Santander-UA de Transformación Digital

The court was formed by
  • Esther Algarra Prats, Secretary General of the University of Alicante,
  • José María García de los Ríos, Director of Zona Santander Universities,
  • Raúl Ruiz Callado, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Alicante,
  • Héctor Gómis Hidalgo, Member and delegate from Alicante, Colegio Oficial de Ingeniería Informática de la Comunidad Valenciana,
  • Rosana Satorre Cuerda, Deputy director of Cátedra Santander-UA de Transformación Digital, who acts as a secretary of the competition.
Once the submitted works have been evaluated, the court agrees to award the following prizes:
  • Undergraduate work award (TFG) to  María Alfaro Contreras , for his work  Construcción de un corpus de referencia para investigación en reconocimiento automático de partituras musicales .
  • Master's work award to  Sandra Huedo Martínez , for his work  Análisis de la actitud ante la tecnología y el conocimiento de las tendencias tecnológicas. Caso de estudio: Universidad de Alicante .

A total of 4 projects from different centres and degrees of the University of Alicante have been submitted to this first edition. The jury highlighted the interest and quality of all of them, and valuing in a very positive way the interest that continues to awaken in the university community this call for such awards. All of this undoubtedly contributes significantly to the fulfilment of the objectives of this Chair, the promotion and dissemination of teaching and research activity on digital transformation. This helps to awaken the interest of the university students in going deeper into it.

Information regarding the award ceremony will be notified in due course.




List of admitted candidates:

  • María Alfaro Contreras
  • Sandra Huedo Martínez
  • Laura Bonmatí Mendoza
  • Pablo Serna Martínez

List of excluded candidates:

  •  Borja Herrero Pérez


Deadline for sumbission of applications: one month from 7 February (expired)

Terms: ( BOUA 06/02/2019 )

Template with the information to be provided (rtf) (pdf)